Body Back

Body Back - It Get's the Family on Board and More

As I set off to begin another round of Body Back with Fit4mom - (my 3rd round to be exact!) I'm reflecting back on what a benefit this journey has been for my own health and wellness, but many others in my life too!

First off, I have an amazing husband, who makes life happen at the speed of whatever music might be playing at the time! He is an awesome dad who has earned much needed "dad time" with our boys during Body Back. My husband was at first reluctant to miss his partner in crime, or "better half" as I like to call myself...two nights a week. At first, the guilt was heavy as I left home to Body Back on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yet, we both knew we needed it! I needed the health "kick in the rear" (for our family) and he needed uninterrupted "guy time" with our two sons. As the weeks went by, the results began to show in our healthy choices as well as our time spent focusing on these changes. We worked through food and activity changes for our family together and really began to grow our healthy family! My support system had grown to not just the moms I worked out with each week, but also my boys at home. We now are a team in this healthy life. My husband encourages me to workout on days not associated with Body Back; and most of the time we workout as a family - hikes, bike rides, or even a game of tag in the park. There is NO hesitation when I say I'm joining another session of Body Back. For us, it works! And I'm so glad it does...because I need it, we all do!

Not only are the changes I have seen in Body Back benefiting my family, but my professional life as well. I'm a 4th grade teacher. If you know anything about 4th graders you know that they are curious - or nosy- but curious is best positively stated! They certainly are observant and want to be just like their teacher! So- I have to be a healthy role model at school too. I've shared carrots and apples expecting my students to revert back to their snack packs of sugar and salt during our daily "bite and write" snack time. To my surprise, they devoured my healthy choices and begged for more. They asked for rewards such as an extra walk around the school, or a dance off; instead of a pizza party and a movie afternoon. I heard their healthy habits starting too!!

I can't wait to begin my next journey of Body Back! I think I'm most excited about the refreshed changes! (Body Back was great before - I can't believe it is going to be better! Whooo hooo!!) The Fit4mom family has also expanded the territory for classes. Which means I can drop in to other Body Back classes if I have to miss on of my core classes. This is awesome for any busy time of year at school! I'll always have an option!

Here I come summer and two piece swim suit! Hope to see you at BB too!


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