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Body Back Week 2

Super Bowl 50. Whether you were watching for the game itself, your favorite player (hello, Mr. Manning!), the commercials or, let’s be honest-the FOOD, it was a major focus this past week.

This mama over here wasn’t focused so much on the Super Bowl itself, but rather on another EPIC rivalry…the Battle Royale playing out in my mind, body and stomach between the ‘Old Me’ and the ‘New Fit4Mom Me’.

Lemme tell ya, ‘Old Me’ really wanted that trophy and fought long and hard all week to tear ‘New Me’ down. But, the past 2 weeks of support from ‘my village’ and the hard work we’ve all put in so far have really paid off and at the end of week 2-‘New Fit4Mom Me’ won!

Some highs and lows this week:

Workouts-I’m loving them! Each class I’ve been a bit nervous about making it through the workouts and how I’d feel afterward. The Super Bowl workout was not only an a** kicker but a ton of fun. I love that the workouts are always different, challenging and somehow designed in a way that I’m able to max out without passing out! Each class I am surprised in a good way at what I’m able to do that I thought I couldn’t. And also surprised at times by an exercise that looks easy when Lisa demos it, but when I try it, I’m flailing around in all directions with no control whatsoever. Each class is fun, challenging and always helps me set a goal (or twenty) for next time.

Cravings-holy mother, the cravings. I am having to work ridiculously hard not to chow down on things I know I shouldn’t OR eat too much of the things I know I should. This past Saturday I hadn’t brought enough healthy snacks along to get me through to dinner. On the way home and with 2 overtired, overstimulated babies in the car, ‘Old Me’ decided she HAD to have a burger. Preferably a huge one with an entire pound of bacon on it along with every condiment ever known to man. And might as well wash it down with a milkshake. That is ALL I could think about!

I started making excuses: ‘I’ve done great all week, I deserve a cheat day, I’ve got a long night ahead of me getting these rabid wildebeests to bed’….but luckily ‘Fit4Mom Me’ snapped to attention and held strong, bypassing every drive through and getting us right back home with zero deep fried, guilt covered extra calories. HUGE WIN!

Wanna know one thing that has really helped me fight those cravings off and keep pushing through the at home workouts? Our Facebook group! I didn’t want to admit during the accountability check in that I’d fallen off the wagon yet again with food or that I missed an at-home workout. I thought about some other posts I’ve read about the struggles each of you are having and how you’re fighting through them. I realized that we’re all in this together and we each have our own battles to fight. It really has given me the extra motivation in the exact right moments and has also helped me to keep negative behaviors in check.

So thanks to each of you for being honest and positive and holding me accountable. I’m sure it’s helping you along your journey and it is definitely impacting mine! I’m starting Week 3 feeling a little more confident, a little less hungry, a little stronger and a lot more energetic and balanced.

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