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Body Back Week 4

Week 4 was a mixed bag of successes and setbacks.

Lisa’s post about week 4 being a pivotal one really resonated with me. It talked about this being a pivotal point in which new behaviors either start to become habits, or they start to fall by the wayside. In week 4, I’ve been pretty split down the middle! I feel like I’m teetering on the edge and could go either way.

Successes for the week (this is a HUGE one)-this marked OFFICALLY one full month of ZERO fast food! I’m talking about no drive through OR quick fix dinners out of a box. You guys, this is so huge for me, you have no idea! What’s crazy about this is that when I started BodyBack, in my head I absolutely said “I’m all in for the workouts, but I have zero intention of committing to the nutrition” Ha! This past week I was actually rock solid on the nutrition aspect, but not so diligent on the workouts.

Which brings me to point 2-the setbacks. Workout wise, I only got in 2 this week. 2 out of 6. 33% is not what I was striving for….but keeping it in perspective, I would have done 0 of 6 were it not for BodyBack! And what is pretty cool about the 2 workouts I did get in was that those were the group ones. The accountability of knowing everyone else was going and doing their part kicked me into gear. And if we all recall back to my week 1 post where I explained that I’ve never been a group workout person, this is also huge!

So the ups and downs went hand in hand this week, but sometimes, that’s life! I’m geared up for the 2nd half of this and finishing strong together.

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