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Body Back Week 6 and 7

One thing I’ve yet to master in BodyBack in addition to a perfect plank or not hating burpees is better time management. Hence the timing of this blog post….week 6 coming at you at the end of week 7! So let’s combine both weeks and talk about their struggles and successes.

As evidenced by my delay with blog writing, making time has been hard! Making time to meal prep, making enough time to shop smartly at the grocery and making time for a good workout. I haven’t fallen off the wagon, but it’s been hit or miss the past 10 days. I really notice the difference when I don’t make the time to do these things well. If I don’t meal prep, I’m all over the kitchen while wrangling kids and that’s just a disaster waiting to happen. If I don’t plan ahead for the grocery, I fall into old habits and just grab what’s quick or what I’m used to. This week I had 15 minutes at Jewel and left with lettuce, tons of fruit, chicken and mini cupcakes (and I ate 3 on the way home). And when I don’t plan a whole day ahead for my workout, I get busy like the rest of us or tired like the rest of us and it doesn’t happen or isn’t intense.

The great thing about the last two weeks and warmer weather is I’ve gotten back into running! I’m no Forrest Gump and I’m not trekking across the entire Fox Valley, but I’ve run almost every day and have pushed it a little further each time. I know a lot of us have started running more and are so happy about it, it feels awesome!

Looking forward to finishing out Week 8 and this first session STRONG and celebrating all of our hard work next weekend!

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