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FIVE Moms You Will Meet at Stroller Strides

As moms we find "Our Village" in many different ways. It takes a lot of courage to walk into a new group and meet new people, new moms, new families. Especially for new moms trying to figure it all out on their own. Stroller Strides is a safe place to find your village. We are all moms just trying to get through. Here are five moms to look out for at every Stroller Strides class and why you need them in your life.

The Over-Prepared Mom

This mom has snacks, toys, stickers, blankets and jackets for each of her children. No matter the situation to arise during class, she's got it covered. She can pull a new toy out of her bag of tricks without even missing a squat. Find this mom first. Make her your best friend. Did your son drop his pacifier in the mud? Don't worry, she has an extra for you. Did your daughter have another blow-out diaper and you forgot to refill the diaper bag? Don't worry, she has one in just the right size (even though hers have all been potty trained for months).

The Fit Mom

This mom may have been in the Stroller Strides crew for years, or maybe she's new, but always stayed fit on her own. She's got all her workout gear and she looks beautifully coordinated during each exercise. Park your stroller next to hers. Do not get intimidated. This mom is usually the most encouraging. When you feel like there is no way you will make it to end of the ABC's with your speed skaters she will encourage you to keep going. When you just can't figure out what you are supposed to be doing with that resistance band she will help you figure it out.

The Tired Mom

Her kids are probably still in their pajamas. She may even still be wearing the same yoga pants she wore yesterday (and slept in). Her water bottle is probably secretly filled with coffee instead. Maybe she has a tiny baby who still keeps her up through the night. Or maybe she stayed up too late last night because she wanted to enjoy a quiet house with some adult TV. Every time I see this mom I remember when my third baby was new. I had three kids three and under and we weren't getting much sleep in my house. We did not get out of the house much and each day was survival. And I am so proud of this mama for getting out of the house. The tired mom is always great to encourage me to keep at it. Being a mom is exhausting on so many levels, but it is so rewarding to power through and make the most of our day.

The Seasoned Mom

This mom has been at it awhile. This morning she got her older kids off to school before coming to Stroller Strides. When her baby gags on her cereal she doesn't even flinch. She's been there. She's done that. Not much phases the seasoned mom. This mom is great for advice. Are you potty training for the first time? She's got some tips for you. Got a two-year-old who's giving up sleep? She can tell you what happened when her oldest was that age.

The New Mom

Whether her baby is still little or already walking, this is her first baby and she is trying to figure this mommy stuff out. This mom is super important. We have all been this mom. Everyone needs advice and help sometimes figuring things out. But, it is equally important to feel like you are the expert and able to help someone else out. When you are able to calm her crying baby and bounce just the way your son used to love, it makes you feel awesome to know you taught her something and helped save her sanity.

The most important thing to remember about these moms is that we have all been each of these moms at one time. We are all figuring it out. We are all tired. We all have our moments when we've got it together and we are killlin' it. But we all have those days when we are struggling to stay positive. Mommin' ain't easy, but we power through and are stronger for it. Thankfully we have Our Village to help us along the way.

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