Session 2 Week 2 Laila

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” This quote stuck with me after recently seeing it, but last week I found myself fighting the old me quite a bit. Some high and not so great moments from last week:

Working out and running have become something that I actually look forward to doing! Yes, you read that correctly. I can’t believe I’m saying this and a couple months ago if you would have told me I’d ever feel this way I would have said you were crazy, but it’s true. This is a MAJOR success for new me!! I hadn’t worked out for about 4 years before starting Body Back, and workouts were something I had always just got through, but NEVER enjoyed. Lisa does an awesome job of coming up with workouts that are different and challenging for each class. Tuesday’s ladder workout was one of my favorites since it basically kicked my ass without actually killing me, though it came close. I loved that one of the other moms in our group pushed me and motivated me to finish strong when I felt like I may slow down. That’s one of my favorite things about Fit4mom, the support of the amazing moms in our group! This week I got in all 5 of my workouts which are about 5 more per week than I use to do so I’d call that a huge win!

Now for the not so great moments. Thursday night I went out for a wine & paint night with some of the teachers I work with. I knew that there would be pizza and salad provided for dinner and new me planned to eat mostly salad with maybe a tiny piece of pizza. I also planned on not drinking at all. Well, old me made an appearance and caused a change in plans. There may have been (way) more pizza than salad on my plate. Why must bad food taste so great?! And how was I supposed to turn down the delicious green rum drink called “Hello Spring” that the owner bought me for planning the event?! That would have just been rude. Not my finest moments. Could I have eaten salad and drank only water, sure, but I’m not going to cry over pizza and rum. It was a super fun night, and while I felt guilty for eating the pizza and having a drink I know it wasn’t the end of the world. Old me would have probably thrown in the towel for the rest of the week and decided to start over again on Monday, but new me got right back on track the next morning! (tiny victory)

That brings me to my goals for this week. I want to stop fighting old habits and focus on building new ones. I’m really going to try to stay on track with healthy eating and incorporating more vegetables (and no pizza) into my diet. I need to make sure I’m logging all of my food into My Fitness pal to hold myself accountable. Let’s just say the pizza and rum were somehow not accounted for last week. Good luck to all of you with your own goals this week! Set those goals & crush em!

Bring on week 3!

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