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Week 1

Week One is DONE! And I didn’t die!

Round of applause for myself and all the other awesome mamas embarking on this journey.

A week ago Sunday, I was super excited for this to start, but also super nervous. I had the ‘first day jitters’ akin to starting at a new school and wondering who I would sit next to at lunch.

Sunday morning I was running down my very long list of all the reasons I should just wait and start working out later (famous last words). Cue the sad whiney violin music as I run through my list of why it wasn’t the right time:

Husband works crazy hours so I’m an exhausted single mom 6 days a week, crazy busy time at work for me right now, our 3 year old is giving us a run for our money in every way possible and our 9 month old still refuses to take a bottle(seriously!), I’ve NEVER been a group workout person (as in, never taken a single group class before), I’m really embarrassed about how I look right now, February is coming up and I.LOVE.CHOCOLATE…etc, etc.

THEN, I thought about all the reasons it WAS the right time. I had gotten in a pattern of just ‘getting through the days’ and wasn’t enjoying things as much as I should. I had zero energy. My diet is atrocious. I weigh more now than I did when I came home from the hospital after having my daughter 9 months ago (bummer). I hadn’t stepped outside my comfort zone or done anything to challenge myself physically or emotionally in quite awhile. I realized I’d really gotten away from ME and wasn’t setting the example I want for my babies.

Seeing the preview class advertised on a Facebook mom’s group was the swift kick in the rear I needed to jump in. It was way outside my comfort zone! Group workout-barf. Knowing no one-yikes. Squeezing back into workout gear-yowza.

But, I loved that it was a group of mamas with similar goals in mind. I love that it’s focused on exercise, nutrition and taking time for you. So I signed up for the preview, had a blast and signed up for Session One!

This first week has had its fair share of challenges. I didn’t prep for a week of clean eating and thus scrambled everyday to make some lackluster meals. I caved multiple nights once the sun went down and raided the snack cabinet. I haven’t figured out how to add the workouts in, maintain the rest of life AND shower more often ;)

But, this week also came with its fair share of celebrations! My body DOES remember how to work out and doesn’t hate it! I was easily able to up my water intake and cut out afternoon coffee and Diet Coke. I ate better than I have in months. I’ve met some cool chicks. And best of all, I already have more energy and wake up happier each day knowing that I’m working towards my goals.

Bring on Week 2!

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