Why it's more than the number on the scale...

You know it's funny- since starting the Body Back® journey with these 15 amazing moms- people often ask me how it's going and how they are all doing. One of the parts of Body Back® that I was nervous about was "the scale". I have never owned my own scale. I've never measured my fitness based on what the numbers said. So I was nervous introducing this concept to a group of women that would probably be struggling with their postpartum weight. What if the numbers didn't drop? What if they became discouraged? What if they just became so focused on that? How could I keep them motivated?

We are almost two weeks in to this journey, and I can already tell you that it's about so much more than that and it's more than just showing up to workout.

These women are all beautiful, strong, powerful mamas. So why are they taking Body Back®?

It's about change. It's about wanting more for themselves so that they can give more to their children. Sure- the numbers dropping on the scale for some is a huge motivating factor, but the numbers will never tell the whole truth.

Energy is increasing. Clothes are fitting better. Nutrition choices are changing. Confidence is growing. (disclaimer: I'm not saying these women were lacking confidence... maybe some of them were... but that's not something I know or can speak of. I'm just saying that the confidence that was there already is increasing and I can see it). By the end- I hope they will see a physical difference and their fitness levels improve and they will be proud of their hard work.

These women are empowering each other and going through this experience together. "Our Tribe" has gotten them through many peaks and valleys up to this point in our journey, and I know it will continue to do so. We are always so worried about our children's friends, that we forget we need a village too. This is their "MNO" (mom's night out), and they are working hard for a great cause. Them. And that will cause a trickle effect to the rest of their family.

I love hearing their success stories. And I can't wait to hear the stories when the eight weeks is done. These women continually impress me and give my job, and the life choices I'm making for my family, so much validation (I use the word "job" loosely, because this is way too fun to be a job). I can only hope the numbers on the scale are only a small bonus to the greater outcomes they will see and friendships that will be formed.

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