Body Back- Motivation

Motivation: the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

Motivation is a tricky topic for me and probably for most of us. We ask ourselves, or we ask others, what is your motivation? Some of us have a very clear and distinct motivator like an unhealthy lifestyle that we DO NOT want for ourselves or our families, health related issues that can be improved by changing diet and adding exercise, or simply wanting to look and feel better in the skin we live in. This last one is mine. I want to feel strong, I want to feel confident and I want to feel like I can do anything. This comes from pushing myself to do strength and cardio related things that I know will make me feel powerful.

What ever your motivation is, it will likely change over time. Right now, my motivation is keeping up with the women in my Body Back Transformation group. When I say keeping up, it's not about doing as many squats or push-ups as some of them (well, maybe it is a little), but it's also about keeping up with their healthy choices and healthy alternatives where in the past, this is where I have faltered. I'm still not perfect, no one is, but I like being motivated by these smart, strong, healthy women who are teaching me what staying motivated for the long run, for our life, can look like.

We are all on this 8 week journey together, but we definitely all joined in from different starting lines and we all have different motivators for getting us through this program and beyond. If you struggle with your motivation, that's ok. If your motivation changes as you grow and change in this life, that's ok. Find your motivation and use it up! There will never be a shortage on motivators for you as you go through this life.