Katie Worek: February Mom of the Month

February 1, 2018

We are excited to introduce Katie Worek as our February Mom of the Month! Katie is a dedicated Body Back member and has reaped so many amazing benefits from adding strength exercises from Body Back classes into her cardio routine. She is an awesome person who is a wonderful example of health, strength and a positive attitude to other mamas. We are so happy you found Our Village, Katie! Congratulations!

-Hometown: Shorewood

-Fit4Mom Member since: July 2017

-Members of your Family: Brad (husband), Olivia (4), Avery (2)

-Current/Previous Career: Financial Controller

-How did you find Fit4Mom? Kellie Schumacher is my best friend and has been a member since Lisa started the Oswego location. She talked me into signing up and I'm soooo glad that I did!

-What has Fit4Mom done for you (or meant to you)? I was a runner before starting Fit4Mom and never realized all the other benefits I could reap from adding some strength exercises into my routine. I'm the strongest I've ever been in my life and it makes me feel so good about myself.

-What was your childhood ambition? To be a mom. :)

-What does motherhood mean to you? It's every second of everyday. I'm a mom before I'm anything else and my kids are always on my mind. Its so very fulfilling and I'm so blessed to be able to raise these kiddos. All that being said; it's also so very tiring and has taught me countless lessons in patience, kindness and not sweating the small stuff.

-What is your favorite exercise? I love core especially lateral bends, in & outs and monkeys.

-What is your proudest moment? When my girls were born

-What are three of your favorite things (besides your family)? Working out, Girls night out, going to a fun new restaurant.

-If we asked your partner what they think your best qualities are, what would they say? -Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: I actually asked him this recently. :) I get things done that I say I will do and I'm a great mom. Something that might surprise people/weird personality quirk- I'm very particular about the sheets on my bed and cannot handle when my husband has the sheets pulled out from under the bottom of the mattress.