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St. Patrick's Day Craft

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts!

In my opinion, holiday crafts are some of the most fun activities to do with my kiddos. They LOVE learning about each holiday and marking off the days until the special day we celebrate each month. St. Patricks Day is no exception! There are many different ways to celebrate this holiday and a craft for every “skill level.” I am going to offer a few ideas and share one of our family’s traditions.

Lets start with simple. Coloring pages! These can range from leprechauns to rainbows to Celtic crosses. Coloring pages can also be a great tool for explaining the history of the holiday. If you want a simple and quick craft, print off a bunch of coloring pages, grab every shade of green crayon you have and let the kids go crazy!

Next, we have paintings. My current favorite is the hand print four-leaf clover. Again, simple and quick with the added benefit of your child thinking they are getting away with something as they dip their little hand into that gooey paint. I recommend keeping some wipes close by to catch their hand before it wanders off and decorates your couch or walls. (No, I’m not speaking from experience… Why do you ask? What paint on my couches?)

Now, my favorite St. Patrick’s Day craft is a little more complicated. This has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember and it got pretty competitive. I’m talking, of course, about leprechaun traps. OHHHHYEEESSSS. These things got more and more complex as we got older and smarter. I wish I had pictures of some of the traps we came up with. Lucky for you, I remember the key details and will now share with you how to make said trap.

Okay kids, for the most effective trap, you will need:

- a shoe box

- string

- tape

- a stick

- Lucky Charms (obviously)

I’m sure you can see where this is going. You start by cutting the pieces of string and taping them across the opening of the shoebox, like a spiders web. You can also punch holes in the box to thread the string that way. Next, you pick the location best suited for leprechaun trapping. We always picked right by the front door, but that is up to your best judgment. If you live somewhere warm, a nice clover patch may be a better choice. Once you find the perfect trapping spot, prop your box up, string side down, using your stick. How will the leprechaun know this little box is for him? Lucky Charms! Everyone knows that these delicious little marshmallows (not the cereal part. Your trap will fail if you leave the cereal part) are a leprechauns FAVORITE snack. So, add a little pile right under your box and add a little trail leading to the box. Perfect! Your trap is set and guaranteed to work. HAVE FUN!

Ok… are the kids gone? This is the super secret “adults only” part. Once your trap is set and your kid is in bed for the night, your job is to make it look like that leprechaun was simply too smart for their carefully made trap. This can be done in any number of ways. First step, clean up those marshmallows before some critter gets them. Ain’t NOBODY got time to deal with an ant problem this early in the year. Next, you will need some gold coins (chocolate is also acceptable). Remove the stick from the trap and place your treat of choice inside the box (in a small baggie, decorated with a sharpie for a little flare), under all of the string. You can even go as far as writing a note saying “better luck next time.” This all depends on the age of your kid and what they will believe. That is what this is really all about, keeping that magic alive in their eyes. That moment of “what if this is really real!” You will see that joy and know they will always remember this silly tradition you started.

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how to get creative with your kids! Enjoy the time spent together and make memories! Time goes by too fast to let these magical moments pass you by.