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Top Items to include in your Hospital Bag

There's a baby on the way... not only is that overwhelming enough- but then there's the hospital bag. What do you back for you? What do you pack for baby? What about your partner? No fear- the FIT4MOM village is here with our top responses.

After asking all the moms I could possibly ask, including the ones in our FIT4MOM Village, I’ve compiled the ultimate hospital bag packing list. I’m not going to lie, I looked at a few of these and thought, “you don’t need that.” But every mom is different, with different needs.

If you see a ⭐️, that indicates a top pick item by yours truly.

Slippers with traction.

Extra long phone charger, ⭐️ because your bed is no close to a wall.

chapstick- ⭐️ hospitals can be extremely dry.

Baby Book- ⭐️ to record exact information before you get home and forget.

Dry Shampoo- ⭐️ depending on your delivery, how you’re feeling and a variety of other reasons, a shower might not be an option right away.

Face wash

Zip up hoodie- if it’s cold in the hospital, this is easier to put on over your gown or while breast feeding.

Your own pillow- and I suggest a pillowcase that’s not white so it doesn’t get lost in the hospital.

Bluetooth speaker- for your tunes.

Snacks- ⭐️ if you go into labor in the middle of the night and the kitchen is closed, you’ll be glad you packed these.

Flameless candles- ⭐️ I had never thought of this, but they’re calming and relaxing. They also offer just enough light for late night feedings and for the nurses to check you/baby without turning on the bright lights.

Nursing pillow

Diffusor and oils- check with your hospital first to be sure they allow this.

Fresh PJs- ⭐️ you deserve some new, comfy (button up) pjs. After all, you just created a tiny human!

Your usual toiletries- ⭐️ travel sizes if possible, but bring the products YOU like.

Nice outfit and make up (if you’re a makeup person) if you plan to be in pictures- ⭐️ Bella Baby or other photographers will offer photos. I didn’t think of this so our hospital pictures are just of my son. Kind of sad

Nursing nightgown/jammies ⭐️

Shower flip-flops

Comfy robe ⭐️

Comfy pants in case you have a c-section (baggy sweatpants)- you never know.


Clothes for baby, ⭐️ but don't go overboard. They may not fit and the hospital will give you onsies and shirts.

“Going Home” outfit for baby

Depends or maxi pads-⭐️ I brought my own pads (Always) they were more comfortable than the ones at the hospital.

Noise Machine- to drown out the hospital sounds.

Eye mask- for day naps.

Nursing Bras ⭐️ if you plan to breastfeed

Stroller Fan- it'll keep you cool and comfy and you can use it later on for your little one.

Notebook- ⭐️ to jot down info the doctor/nurses give you, or anything else you don't want to forget in the moment.

Peppermint essential oil- can help with nausea during labor

Face wipes- ⭐️⭐️⭐️sweat, oil, left over makeup. You want these.

Headphones- if no one else wants to hear your jams.

Nursing tops/tanks ⭐️

Roll of quarters for the vending machine- ⭐️ This is a good one! If you deliver in the middle of the night and they aren't currently serving food, you can still get something to snack on.

Mints- ⭐️ if you're like me, epidurals make you nauseous, and by nauseous I mean vomit uncontrollably for HOURS. You might want a mint, or gum.

Your own hospital gown- If you want to look a little more fancy than the traditional gowns. You can order these on Amazon or from other sites, but they have to have all the snaps and everything for the hospital to allow it.

Your “Going Home” outfit- ⭐️ just remember, your old clothes will not fit right away and there not supposed to! You just created a tiny human! Plus, you spent money on those maternity clothes, you might as well get some extra use out of them.

My last little tip is to bring an empty, or almost empty bag, and use it to bring home all the things the hospital gives you. They will provide diapers, baby hats, witch hazel pads, maxi pads, mesh underwear, and other things depending on the hospital. You’ll want a way to get them home.