Kelly Lynn Beck

I started Fit4mom with bodyback in January of 2017. I heard of the classes but in the mist of winter I needed some much needed alone time and working out sounded like a great idea to help me get my "body back" post baby. I started with body back and enjoyed the workouts along with he Mom to Mom connection, but with a baby under one and a husbands busy schedule i wanted more. I started Stroller Strides and fell in love with it. The idea of getting a full body workout and bringing my baby was perfect for me. No "mom guilt."

A little about me, I am married to Jerry, a mom to Lucy and Isabelle. I am a registered nurse and work part time in the neonatal intensive care unit. Being a mom has always been my dream, and finding a work life balance is not easy, but I'm proud to be a nurse and I truly love the tiny and mighty humans and their families. I look forward to my journey with fit4mom and the women and children I will get to meet along the way!

Some of my favorites
-the color purple
-Chicago Cubs
-dark chocolate M&ms
-long walks
-the sound of the ocean or a large body of water.
-country music

Thursday – December 27, 2018


Friday – December 28, 2018